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  • 22/12/2018

    Not a bad little product. Its ok to have a play round with, but I would not try and use it in a work environment!

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  • 30/11/2018

    A very good gadget ! Pairing very quick and easy ! A little learning curve to be confortable typing without the feeling of the mechanical key, but after a little time it very easy ! At first I received a defective unit, but Banggod correct the situation very quickly by sending another one ! Very happy with my purchase and the service.

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  • 25/05/2017

    I had a secret wish that function keys (F1, F2 etc ) would be hidden somewhere inside. Well, it remained a wish. As far as the other functions, everything works as described. Another reviewer complained about the sound. Yes, it is annoying but it can be muted permanently. Satisfied with the product.

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  • 21/10/2018

    The bluetooth led never show. Tried different devices to connect to without success. I scaned the bluetooth devices nearby but no «Laser Projector Keyboard» Maybe a defective unit. Hope Banggood will correct the situation.

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  • 24/11/2017

    It is a really fantastic tool for a phone, tablet or laptop. For phone ideal if much text to type, for the rest, when it is almost dark, you can easily type. Lightweight, small, very useful!

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  • 10/11/2017

    L'aspetto più interessante è la portabilità; compatibile coon tutti i dispositivi si collega immediatamente. Attenzione al pulsantino di accensione e spegnimento

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  • 09/05/2017

    I hate the annoyance noise that this device makes! I tried to disable it or low the volume but the manual don't explain how to do it. No information about the use of the Fn key. It lose some keystrokes if you type fast.

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  • 24/04/2016

    I wasn't expecting much. But this thing does actually work. And pretty well too! I'm using it with Ubuntu 16.04 (Touch) on my M10 tablet, and with my Ubuntu phone. Works great!

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  • 25/12/2014

    Good article. Small and practical. Fast enough in response. Only some difficulty for connection to a pc with Windows 8.

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  • 09/05/2019

    It is actually more useful than expected as a keyboard for a tablet. But it is only for short messages.

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