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  • Karavs
    2017-08-30 13:04:30

    important sing for all who repair electronic devices. Delivery fast, packed well. Box very simple, but for me it is not important Complete well. Power Supply come with non EU plug, but in box I found EU adapter I am satisfied

  • elwood
    2020-09-08 10:52:00

    Fast delivery, good quality.

  • r_imre
    2020-01-10 04:13:13

    Good buy

  • Mino
    2018-01-24 11:59:59

    Works as expected, although the panel interface is quite annoying and not designed with usability in mind. However, for the money, it can be overlooked to an extent. When hooked directly to an oscilloscope, the triangle, sine, and sawtooth wave forms are generally good, although the square waves tend to be rounded off, despite the probes being calibrated.

  • e_demin
    2017-10-04 12:49:12

    Отличный генератор. До 25 МГц синус выдает практически неискаженный. Амплитуда, правда несколько падает на высоких частотах, но не так критично. Меандр на 6 МГц вполне угадывается) Кроме стандартных сигналов (синус, меандр, треугольник, пилы), можно своих тучу залить. В общем для

  • 2017-06-06 00:40:38

    It arrived just on time as promised, the product is very light-weighted wich is helpful when you need to carry it. In the outside it is just as you can see in the description, works great below the 100KHz for the square/triangle/sawtooth, in the upper frequencies you find some noise and distortion, works just fine for the sine waves in all ranges, however for the price I think it's a very good business.

  • Bobby D
    2017-05-24 20:21:30

    I have put this unit to the test in my la and found it to do exactly as specifications and the display and controls work fine.The only thing is if you need to change waveforms or output voltages it takes time do to the way the control interaction is. It takes getting used to (daily or weekly use needed) to remember sequences.

  • 2017-03-22 11:52:37

    You can't complain about the "bang for buck". I'm sure this will be a useful addition to my test bench for years. You just have to accept some limitations. Firstly, the frequency counter is deaf. Really deaf. At the high end of the signal generator output you have to wind it up to 8 volts to get a reading. It is more sensitive at the lower frequencies. The sine wave output isn't. Well it isn't when you turn up the output to more than a volt or two. I can live with that. As for quality, the friend

  • F4FDQ
    2016-12-07 14:24:10

    The signal generator works as advertised. I controlled with an oscilloscope : the waveforms are quite clean. I did not test the PC connection as I do not need special waveforms. You can even sweep frequencies which is a nice feature. The only downside is that the box is quite light and it's made of plastic only but you can not have everything for this price.

  • 2016-10-27 04:23:38

    The Signal Generator arrived and I took it out of the box and inspected the contents and all looked to be in good order and all the components were in the box plus an adapter to suite the 240V Mains in Australia which was a bonus as far as I was concerned. I put the disc that came with it in the PC and printed out the instructions and had a read so I could get a basic idea how to use the unit, so I plugged it and and it lit up and that was about all it did, I could not get it to do much at all, some


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