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Recenzje tylko z Twojego kraju (Hungary)
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  • 19/07/2017

    The bad stuff: One of the brass rollers on the side came rusty out of the box. The included bearing is very disappointing for the price, has a noticable crunchy grinding sound to it and is very wobbly, holding the the black middle part flat against a table, the outer edge of the spinner wobbles several millimeters up and down with nothing but a light touch (Here's a video showing the wobble: https://youtu.be/_VsqWT0FnpE ) The good stuff: The other parts are excellently made. It has a nice weight to it, allowing it to stay spinning for a good while even with the included bearing. The rubber-topped buttons click pleasantly, and also the two metal balls along the edge of the spinner click in, as well as rotate. The finish on the body of the spinner is a nice matte silver that both looks and feels nice. It is very well balanced, no noticable vibration side-to-side even at very high rotation speed. The neutral: the two metal balls and the two brass (?) wheels around the outside are not entirely snug and they rattle a little bit as the spinner rotates unless it is at very high speed or held entirely horizontal, I'll forgive that though since you can't really have them be too snug without introducing more friction. I'll be switching the bearing out for a higher quality one and hopefully that'll solve the wobble and grindiness.

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  • 09/06/2017

    The middle button that you hold while spinning seems a bit loose. The weight distribution is not great and I can visibly see that the center ring is not perfectly aligned. Now for the good. It does spin well 4-5 min if you hold it down on a table. The buttons click very well. The price is a bit high for this quality of spinner though.

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  • 21/06/2017

    Fun spinner. It gives 4.30 of spinning. Ok quality. Middle button a bit loose.

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  • 01/06/2017

    Four buttons on the front and back is clickable. This feature is wonderful! Meaningless!!

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  • 25/10/2018

    Awesome very very exciting to keep it on your hand

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  • 26/06/2018

    Perfect Spinner O. K.

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  • 20/06/2017


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