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  • 04/02/2024

    The product arrived sealed in a glossy, hard carton box whose foam casing provided great protection during shipment. Build material of the housing is Zinc Alloy. It is very durable and seems that it will last for a long time. In addition, it offers optimal heat dissipation. The Lenovo Thinkplus TU201-10G 256GB drive features a compact size, similar to a regular USB thumb drive. It has build-in SSD of exceptionally high speed (10Gbps). Its two USB connectors are solid and have proper dimensions. The SSD thumb drive comes formatted in exFAT and has fully metal housing. You can change the exFAT format easily. According to HWiNFO64 the controller is Silicon Motion 2320 which delivers very high speeds. I confirm that the Type-C and Type-A interface is USB3.2 Gen2 and USB3.0, respectively. In CrystalDiskMark speed tests the drive met and exceeded its read/write specifications. Actual measured speeds are 1070MB/s (read) and 945MB/s (write). The Lenovo Thinkplus U Disk USB drive tends to warm up due to its very high transmission speeds. However I didn't notice disconnections nor other issues such as overheating during use. I used it with PCs/laptops (Windows), mobiles (Android), TV and it delivered the performance as well as reliability of an expensive SSD. It has the highest transfer speeds of all the flash/SSD drives (USB) that I've tested. I've uploaded a thorough testing video of the Lenovo product on my YouTube channel JoGeo Techlab.

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