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  • August-28 2020 02:46:30

    Felt cheap due to how light it felt, and the plastic lens. But I gave it a chance and boy was I wrong. The versatility of Anduril on a light with such a small size really makes it stand out. The smaller lights are 18350's and that's the size I have to compare it too and it's an 18650 light! The silicone cover is a neat addition, although personally I will never carry it. The magnet on the tail cap is strong enough to put on your car's hood whenever you're jumpstarting or on an axle when you're changing

  • February-23 2020 03:46:20

    So much per in a small EDC light. non of the quirkiness of the fw3a. Generic clone of 10507 optic. no glad in front of optic. Fits pocket well. nice long pocket clip ensures it starts put. Mine came with wrist strap, extra washers, nice lantern top, and a bonus pink glow insert that glows yellow in the dark. Nice light distribution from the stock optic. Anduril works great with no issues. love all the features and modes. Love it!

  • July-01 2020 11:53:04

    Версия XPL-HI 5000K классно светит и вблизи, и по площадям. С промокодом обошёлся в 2308 руб.

  • December-12 2019 10:35:48

    kualitas pembuatan bagus , firmware Anduril keren , turbo nya sangat terang dan cepat panas body , overall very good EDC flashligt , mudah dibawa di saku celana , order 28/11/2019 , barang tiba 8/12/2019.

  • September-12 2020 06:05:44

    My parcel finally arrived today, faster than I was expecting. Everything is working fine.

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  • September-15 2020 16:48:30

    The biggest advantage of this torch is its small size and that it is very powerful for its size. But that's also and the biggest disadvantage. That due to its size it can't manage the massive amount of the temperature that is produced. So don't expect more than 30 seconds on turbo mode.

  • October-27 2020 09:27:57

    die beste lampe die es für 18650er gibt ( Akku sollte mind.10 aber besser mind.13 Amper )Dauerlast aushalten , so ist man stehst sicher unterwegs. wie gesagt,bessereses wird man in der akkugröße nicht finden. alles ist verstellbar und calibbrierbar dank des extrem guten UI ,das jetz bei immer mehr lampen zu finden ist. die helligkeit ist ein positiver wahnsinn und im mittelbereich extrem lange laufzeit... wem sie zu schnell runterrampt bei turbo ,der kann ja auf eigene gefahr den temperatursensur

  • May-11 2020 09:31:33

    très bon produit comme d'écrit et fonctionne parfaitement, très bon éclairage mais au mode turbo ça chauffe considérablement et donc penser à ne pas l'utiliser sauf pour quelques secondes.

  • January-22 2020 12:04:51

    The flashlight came very quickly - it's amazing. I have over 40 lanterns this is No. 1. I recommend buying this super flashlight to everyone !!!

  • January-15 2020 07:32:54

    This flashlight is fu**king awesome! The UI is so complicated. But on the other hand, you can adjust this flashlight to your needs. Anduril soft is what every man needs.


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