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  • November-10 2016 09:58:18

    Cuando ordené este producto tuve dudas respecto a sus prestaciones, en el foro el Soporte de BangGood indicó que el ancho del rayo del láser mínimo que podría obtener era de 2mm, lo cual me desanimó bastante. Sin embargo la realidad es diferente! He podido ajustar el ancho del rayo a mucho menos de 1mm, asumo que alrededor de 0.2mm lo cual es perfecto! supongo que se puede ajustar un poco más. Estoy muy contento con este producto. Voy a ordenar el de 5.5W próximamente. ----------------------------------------------- When

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  • October-13 2018 12:27:15

    The item arrived 24 days after shipping. It is a powerful laser. It cuts threw all types off paper even thick paper 500g/m. Thank you for such a good device. i really like it. The use of green goggles is mandatory. Dtill looking for a way to cintrol it threw grbl. maybe i'll use a relay because an lm driver do not start the laser. Overall it is a very giod device. i'll make an additional review to talk about durability in a month or so. for niw i definitely recommend.

  • August-27 2018 11:15:53

    Very pleased with the 2.5W version; yes, it takes a little tweaking, but I'd produced several items on it, and I'm pleased with the results. Cuts everything from 28lb cardstock to 2mm veneer and birch. (If you want to cut something harder you'll need a more powerful module). In fact, I also purchased the 5W module too, So lot's of options.

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  • February-26 2017 11:39:40

    Купил по распродаже с хорошим дисконтом для самодельного ЧПУ станка. В комплекте только лазер и блок питания на 12V-2А. Потом сильно пожалел, что нет TTL входа управления. Пришлось докупать отдельно плату драйвера и согласовывать с лазером. Лучше брать сразу в комплекте - дешевле

  • February-21 2017 17:11:58

    o produto é excelente. Superou em muito minhas expectativas. Pensei que o laser não seria forte o suficiente mais a verdade é que é muito forte e o ponto focal dele é bem pequeno e consistente. ótimo produto. Vale a pena. Além disse, utilizei o Direct Mail para o Brasil, o produto chegou em duas semanas.. muito rápida a entrega. Mais uma compra que fico totalmente satisfeito com a Banggood!!

  • January-04 2017 16:11:04

    This laser shipped out and arrived very quickly. Just received this laser and right out of the box it fires up with ease. Comes with 12V 2.5A power supply which is great. I received a v2 of this module which I'm not sure what difference is between earlier model, but this laser module works awesome. I connected and placed a cardboard box about 2 feet away (~60cm) and it burned right through it without having to make adjustments. I am thinking of getting a second one as a backup since its a great

  • December-15 2016 00:47:27

    Received my first order D.O.A (dead on arrival) on 11-09 and contacted customer support with the issues and video proof via youtube . Got a reply on 11-11 , customer support promised to send a replacement asap in a email reply on 11-14, waited till 11-28 before contacting again to inquire about the status of my replacement and they replied immediately with tracking number and new order information in my account. Writing this review today on 12-15-2016 after just receiving my replacement item and testing

  • October-18 2016 01:58:11

    Попробовал только в ручном режиме. Луч тонки. Для гравировки вполне ничего. На счёт резки - показал себя не очень. Фанеру в 4мм я так и не смог прорезать. Только получилось поджечь. Но буду пробовать уже на станке непосредственно

  • March-13 2017 15:14:13

    I got the item and I used it on my new laser engraver after using 300mw. there are a big different and it work perfectly through wood and acrylic and plastic. I will buy more for my Project. shipping is not too bad. anyone will use this item should you eye protection.

  • December-21 2015 05:05:35

    The laser come has described, altough the lens cap would not stick to the focus elements, which meant i couldnt focus the laser. I fixed it by adding one little drop of cyano glue to the cap so it sticks to the focus element. After that the laser was focusable and i was managed to run some tests: It can cut Balsa wood 2mm thick in 2 passes without burning the wood too much with 400mm/min feedrate. it can cut mdf wood 3mm thich in 10 passes without scorching the wood but with slow feedrate 100mm/min It


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