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  • November-02 2020 02:23:45

    Item arrived pretty fast (14 days from China ) and in good condition. The soldering station works very well and temperature is accurate.

  • October-11 2020 20:45:53

    Lutownica działa perfekcyjnie. Zero problemów. Szybka wysyłka w 12 dni z Chin do Niemiec. Warto.

  • August-03 2020 06:13:18

    After a month I received ksger 3.1 Thank you banggood.com !!!

  • August-23 2020 08:06:17

    Very good soldering iron station. It is not for a high class professional but I recommend it for basic soldering and small business.

  • July-13 2020 20:42:47

    I pre-ordered the Type 5 thinking it has the aluminum handle as the picture shows. I thought I hit the jackpot, as the aluminum handle variants are much more expensive. What came with the package was the black plastic Ksger branded handle (shown in pic; Banggood product ID 1613852). Aside from that misleading listing image, I've no complaints. The handle I received indeed have the silicone cable and rubber/silicone grip. It was great in the hands. The unit is small, and low-profile, compared to my

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  • October-29 2020 10:31:36

    Excellent product I highly recommend! Very well built, works like a charm, has more features than a fully priced Hakko. Many people complain about a few design flaws but imho, most of these are not justified (or just overzealous). Here are a few examples: 1. The heatsink is right above a hot track. While true, I don't think it matters at all. Current doesn't flow to the heatsink because of the pcb mask. Some say in case of overvoltage (like 1kV), it may happen. But such a power surge would blow the

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  • November-23 2020 16:14:11

    I bought this soldering iron in July 2020. It works, but sometimes it gets stuck when the temperature is set and it is not possible to use it. This is probably a software bug. I have to turn it off and then turn it on after about an hour and it works again. It's very bad because when I do something, it freezes and I have to wait for it to be in order. The manufacturer of this soldering iron should issue a patch to make it work well. I give him only three stars for this mistake. In short, it doesn't

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  • November-10 2020 04:50:05

    5-day delivery with DPD from CZ warehouse. One day earlier than estimated. Yay! Did not come in a cardboard box, but well wrapped in bubblewrap and foam foil (similar to the stuff used for impact sound insulation underneath laminate flooring). Nothing broke or got bent during shipping. No manual. But given the ammount of video reviews published on YouTube and elsewhere it's hardly necessary. The device has the 3.1 Firmware and works as advertised. Three tips where included (K, D24, ILS). Set the

  • September-18 2020 08:21:11

    Lovely versatile little soldering station with lots of features at a fantastic price. It comes with 3 different interchangeable tips but no mains lead. You would need a computer style (or kettle in the UK) plug on your lead to power it up. Look at the reviews on YouTube to see how well this station is liked but also look for the earth (grounding) modifications that are on YouTube too. There is no grounding to the aluminium casing which could be dangerous so a short wire, a connector and a soldered

  • August-10 2020 17:29:50

    Fast shipping and the parts were well packed. It took 18 days via Banggood express shipping to the western states of the USA. I received V3.15 and the handle looks like the version in the advertisement (yellow and blue color) It powered up and works exceeding fast. I'm very pleased with the purchase. The machine is of solid construction and well finished off, no rough edges and a nice silicone cord on the handle is a pleasure to use. Thanks Banggood!


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