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  • 18/01/2022

    Towar zgodnie z opisem, minimalne opakowanie w prostej, niechronnej kopercie, dostawa kilka dni później i słabe śledzenie. Zadowolony z dobra, trochę mniej dla reszty... Potrzeba by więcej bąbelków i lepszego spedytora.

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  • 29/06/2022

    Bardzo dobry produkt

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  • 30/05/2017

    You no longer need to carry around 10 transmitters, with this module, you have the power of hundreds actually probably thousands of different models from aircrafts, vehicles, boats etc... You can even control receivers from a lot of the big name radios. This module give you huge convenience. Since there was no instructions included in the package, I had to do a little research to figure out where to start. This was probably the most difficult part, that is finding good information. Once I found a good source, the Setup was fairly straight forward. Simply plug it in to an openTX compatible radio, and flash your radio with a preloaded multiprotocol firmware. This module uses an STM32f103 chip with 128kilobyes of onboard memory, unlike its predecessor, this board has lots of room for future updates allowing you to store lots and lots of protocols without having to recompile making this module a heck of a lot more convenient. Pros: Excellent fitment, sits flush in a frsky taranis x9d Easy to use Large 128 KB memory storage Can control a huge amount of vehicles and aircraft Upgradable Firmware allows you to keep your 4in1 module current Cons: -No instructions -The only issue I see with this module is that it took a good amount of research to get everything working, either provide links, or provide some instructions inside the packaging. -in order to be able to flash a new firmware, an external adapter is required, it would be more convenient if there is a way to be able to upgrade without this adapter

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  • 26/05/2017

    Модуль позволяет сделать передатчик Таранис или любой другой с прошивкой OpenTX 2.2 по настоящему универсальным. Прошивка модуля сделана на основе Deviation. Модуль поддерживает большинсво современных моделей. Выбор протокола управления осуществляется прямо из меню передатчика. Есть даже поддержка протокола FrSky с телеметрией! И да, этот модуль мощнее, чем встроенный в передатчик в Таранисе:)

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  • 08/03/2019

    Bought this for my Taranis X9D with OpenTX firmware.... The best TX module I ever had for this transmitter, simply Plug-and-Play, and all major 2.4GHz protocols are available (DSM2, DMSX, FrSky, all toy quadrocopter versions...) - Easy to configure in the OpenTX model setup, just store the correct protocol for each model... - Good and solid module housing - Great deal, even as replacement of the old DSM2 modules Already ordered another one for my 2nd TX.

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  • Arnoldo

    I'm using the multiprotocol module with my Taranis Q X7 and X9D Plus SE All protocoll are active and you not need to update the firmware. You can get the iRX4 Plus version with USB connector if you like to easy flash a new firmware to the module. iRX4 Plus here: https://www.banggood.com/IRangeX-IRX4-Plus-2_4G-CC2500-NRF24L01-A7105-CYRF6936-4-IN-1-Multiprotocol-STM32-TX-Module-With-Case-p-1225080.html?p=Z626141688898201505V&stayold=1 My video how to flash iRX4 Plus: https://youtu.be/qKsoTQQfy_4

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  • 20/02/2018

    With the awesome product I can use any receiver (especially the cheap DSMX DSM2 Orange receivers from HobbyKing) for my aircraft! So far no issues it works fine and does what it needs to do! Shipping via Registered Mail was a nightmare as the courier did not meet the stipulated timing and failed to meet further deadlines discussed over the phone. However product wise it is a great product would recommend to every OpenTX user!

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  • 21/04/2017

    The case is a moulded type and fits perfectly. It works like it should, all protocols on hand. The only remark is that ones installed you can't get it out easily because you have no grip on the lockers.

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  • 11/04/2018

    Works well... ~71mW output when set to DSMX mode. Noticed that the output jumped to ~82mW after replacing the stock 2" long U.FL to RP-SMA coax cable with a 4" U.FL to SMA cable. Not sure whether the length is important, or maybe the stock coax is not the best quality?

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  • 20/12/2019

    si vous Cochez la case"mult" en téléchargeant votre firmwaire sur Open TX vous pourrez choisir votre protocole dans la première page de votre modèle voir ma vidéo.

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