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  • 08/08/2016

    Some friends do not quad. So, i should always have backup protection cover. But i mod them to fit my lktr90's 8.5mm motors. Item is good to me. Thanks,

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  • 15/10/2016

    This is a must if you care about your furniture at home, when flying FPV indoors anything can happen, this Propeller Guard fits the Hubsan X4 with 8mm motors and any other frame that is 90mm. Comes in plastic packaging, not very protected but mine arrived intact.

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  • 24/10/2016

    Хорошая защита для пропеллеров. Брал для самосбора на раме 90мм и моторов 8х20 - подошла идеально. Вот только вес очень смущает.

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  • 19/12/2016

    Lo he usado en un Dron de 90 mm y va perfecto. Su peso es de 3,1 gr.

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  • 16/06/2016

    if you break your original part, you can relace it with this item. everything ithing about this item is just like the original part.

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  • 09/11/2017

    Fit for purpose, it works, is very flexible and saves a lot of damaged propellers.

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  • 06/01/2016

    You really need to have this cover in order to save your Hubsan x4. But it will soon came to pass that 1 or 2 of the little connecting parts break. But it will still work. Another problem is that the cover often doesn't fit perfectly after crashes so that i have to press it down again in order to allow every propeller to work properly. That's a little bit annoying, but it might have resulted from my early attempts to remove the cover from the hubsan. You shouldn't do it I guess, except if you are careful. Considering that it is only made of plastic, the price is much to high in my opinion, but anyways: you need it!

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  • 08/11/2014

    It should be included in Hubsan's box ;) Very useful for first in-door flights, saved my propellers many times but not very suitable for out-door flights, mine broke after an uncontrolled crash. I've modified it a little bit and added some made of cable ties arches above the propellers... It looks strange now but saves propellers when I try to fly to high in-door :)

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  • 05/02/2014

    For those who have the H107L and fly it about in enclosed spaces, you know the value of one of these prop guards. Now that they have released the H107C X4s, these are even more crucial when flying in tight spaces or for those who are training to fly. Few reasons are that the Hubsan precision blades are easily damaged (brittle) and also that the new H107C X4s are heavier in weight resulting in heavier crashes/damages. A good buy.

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  • 01/02/2014

    При полетах в помещении позволяет защитить винты квадрикоптера. Правда в некоторых случаях и защита не спасает. В любом случае очень полезный аксессуар. Но несмотря на него винты запасные все равно покупайте:).

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