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Recenzje tylko z Twojego kraju (Poland)
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  • 21/03/2022

    I'm a poor judge of coffee; I mainly only drink lattes. I can find no fault with the ones this machine makes, fwiw. I like it more than what my dolce gusto capsule machine produced. The machine is easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and not too difficult to clean. Build quality is fair but not exceptional: mechanical couplings are either too hard or have too much play (but it's not a big deal, it doesn't seem like it's falling apart). The grey plastic looks elegant but feels cheap. The brown plastic even looks cheap. Fixing the filter in place can be difficult because you need so much force that the entire machine turns and there isn't a good place to hold it. The decorative metal plate at the top gets quite hot during operation. On the plus side, it looks like a good place to put machine parts to dry after cleaning. It takes about one minute for the machine to heat up from room temperature to the point where it can make coffee. The English manual was useful and succinct but would have benefited from proofreading (for example, an entire subsection appeared twice). Obviously you can only make one cup of coffee at a time, so if you need several morning coffees for your family this appliance may not be for you. On the whole, while this isn't a premium espresso machine, it was definitely worth its price and I don't regret having bought it at all.

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  • 26/03/2022

    Wspaniałomyślne produkty Łatwe do wykonania Capucino

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  • 19/05/2022

    Musiałem czekać około 2 miesięcy, aby otrzymać to ze względu na czas uzupełniania. Po ponownym zaopatrzeniu czas wysyłki wynosił około 2 tygodni. Ten produkt jest w porządku. Kawa smakuje wyśmienicie. Bardzo się cieszę.

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  • 15/05/2022

    Very good

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  • 09/05/2022

    Good product can meet family’s needs

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  • 23/03/2022

    Aktualnie nie otrzymaliśmy tego produktu

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