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  • September-12 2020 08:25:37

    This frame is a replica of the Remix fame but damn its a good one. Love how everithing is balanced soo good on the frame. I only wouldn't recommend this frame for a first build because it doesn't have a lot of space inside sooo it's pretty hard to build inside. But i was stubborn and didn't listen, soo this was my first build lol... I took all the parts from eachine wizzard s220x rtf and put it all in this drone... It barely fit. But nonetheless the frame is amazing!

  • July-26 2020 02:35:18

    Love the frame just cant find the arms. Cauce i know i will crash and break an arm. 2 screws did not fit the frame so i needed to tyrip it work also good for now. Soo thats the bad things. The good thing, NO more eating grass prob with this design easy to open the it for maintenance. Banggood put avaliable arms and correct screws!! Check photos.

  • June-05 2020 09:10:30

    2 mois pour le recevoir, mais il est enfin là. Particulier à assembler, mais change un peu des frames classiques, il n'y a plus qu'à le faire voler.

  • March-13 2020 20:49:38

    A bit tight build but it flying very well. My design,click on arm protectors. You can find it in Thingevers to 3d print. 2306 motors.

  • June-01 2020 04:36:01

    teşekkürler banggood çok hızlı bir şekilde geldi

  • December-04 2019 22:40:36

    yeah, so running 5552 props, gps, and Mamba 40amp stack, this thing is not shy!

  • October-19 2020 05:29:00

    Неплохая и довольно крепкая рамка

  • June-25 2018 14:57:00

    I dont have any issues or misalignment that Paul had. Maybe wrong assembly? The frame seems solid. I dont think it will outperform my martian in terms of crash resistance. But flight characteristics and looks are better IMO. This is really a cheap frame so I wouldnt expect any filed edges. I ve done all filing and sandpapering corners it feels really better after that. Electronics bay is not big. So if you have a lot of components to fit in, it will be tough. I wont be able put my vtx ( matek vtx

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  • December-01 2018 08:34:31

    i've built my quad around this frame. i'm flying it since 2 months and i haven't broke anything yet. the shape gives a new experience of flight. much less propwash and has an amazing well balanced CG. unfortunately you have to buy a new frame for replacement parts. but so far i am much more happy with this frame then any other i've tried.

  • November-18 2018 23:09:33

    ich war erst ganz angetan, doch bei der Montage wird schnell deutlich das der untere Teil des frames nur durch hinten und vorn gehalten wird. Die Stabilität ist eher 0 da alle Remix und dessen clone nochmal hinter der Kamera verschraubt sind. Er hielt exakt 5 Minuten. Ein paar Äste im Weg und brach an der schwächsten stelle, dem unteren Teil, gab damit auch alles an Elektronik frei und nahm diese mit über den Jordan


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