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  • December-09 2019 15:45:55

    The package arrived OK and in short time. Very good printing quality. I highly recommend this printer.

  • October-05 2020 23:47:40

    The package arrived in good condition, the printer was very easy to assemble and get printing, I'm very satisfied even though my old printer was a prusa mk3s

  • October-14 2020 10:20:34

    working well.

  • VIP2
    December-06 2018 16:56:53

    A impressora é muito boa. Se alcança uma qualidade de impressão bem legal já na primeira impressão. Porém, a máquina precisa de alguns cuidados. O cabo do eixo Z é muito curto e isso pode causar transtornos para acomodar a central. A armação de alumínio confere segurança à máquina, nos tranquilizando sobre os riscos de empenamentos ou coisas do tipo. O manual que acompanha a máquina é muito superficial e muita coisa (pra não dizer tudo) é preciso pesquisar na internet para solucionar.

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  • April-27 2018 19:40:08

    This 3D Printer is AWESOME! I have created a few things like washers nuts and bolts that really do work. I am new to the 3D Printing world but I am hooked. there is many Youtube videos on this 3D printer and that was why I chose this one for my first 3D printer. also created my own leveling nobs for my Tevo leveling bed. one thing that is not great but has not really hurt my prints is the air bubbles that formed couple days later. photo below show air bubbles on the bed plus a few of my own

  • March-26 2018 22:14:17

    I have both a CR-10 and now a Tornado. While assembly is more involved on the tornado and the fact that it does not come with a spool holder (had to print one on my CR-10), it is a fantastic printer. I've been running it stock for 2 weeks now and really have seen no reason to start modding it. I've used pla and petg and both print wonderfully. If you're trying to find a high quality printer at a great price, look no further! * This is an unpaid review. Reviewed on a Tevo I bought on sale *

  • June-21 2018 04:28:08

    This printer is simply unbelievable for the money! There are some simple upgrades that can be done to improve the print quality and ease of use but to be honest the performance is already great out of the box. It comes very well packaged and mostly pre-assembled with all the required tools in the box to complete the assembly (if I remember correctly!). based on my experience I would recommend this printer without hesitation.

  • March-18 2018 03:41:34

    Après une semaine d'utilisation, j'en suis très content. Rapide et fiable, je n'ais pas rencontré de problème particulier. A voir avec le temps...J'ai reçu mon colis très rapidement et l'emballage était parfait. Le montage est rapide mais mieux vaut vérifier le serrage et tension des courroies. En tout cas c'est du solide!!!

  • January-02 2019 23:02:16

    A impressora realmente entrega o que promete. Excelente custo benefício, ótima qualidade de impressão. O envio demorou o tempo padrão, mas não tive problemas com os encaminhamentos. Estou satisfeito com o produto e indico a todos!

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  • April-11 2018 08:26:15

    Everything ok except for the broken Hot bed, as I was taking out of the the box, I noticed was a little bit bent. I assembled all the hole thing and When I tried to level the hot bed I confirmed I was totally imposible due to the glass of the hot bed being broken. I pulled out the build tak green surface and it was smashed down to pieces. I attach pictures of all. waiting to hear from you, Hoping we can find a solution.


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