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Recenzje tylko z Twojego kraju (Poland)
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  • 04/04/2015

    Took some time to figure out, but it's now working very good. Powerfull output on a satisfying noise level. Plays ordinary MP3 and WAV files. When Googeling on DFPlayer mini, you will find enough documentation and an Arduino library. ( http://www.dfrobot.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1121 ). The sketches need some modification to get them running on an UNO (change realy to software serial pins) Very important!!!: To suppress the anoying bouncing noise you need to connect the RX and TX pins via a serial 1K resistor.

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  • 25/04/2015

    Took a bit of work to figure it out. Files must be mp.3 or wav. File structure is folder = 01, 02 , 03... Files must be 0001.mp3, 0002.mp3 ... Still haven't totally figured out the speaker output. It does not work as shown! I connected speaker 1 and ground to a 16 ohm speaker and got reasonable volume. Did not work between speaker 1 & speaker 2 as shown. Suggest you run an external amp.

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  • 29/03/2019

    Great adition to my arduino collection.

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  • 15/01/2019

    Nice and cheap MP3 player. Please read the technical information at https://www.dfrobot.com/wiki/index.php/DFPlayer_Mini_SKU:DFR0299 It can be used with and without Arduino to control playing MP3 files.. MP3 files need to stored in the root directory.

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  • 04/07/2016

    Buen producto a bajo costo

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  • 08/06/2018

    I set up my DFPlayer Mini MP3 Player Module as per photo attached without an Arduino and it worked loud and awesome.

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  • 23/01/2020

    Świetny produkt, przetestowany już mam zamówienie ponownie. Tyle zastosowań, żeby go użyć.

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  • 30/08/2019

    for ironman helmet

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  • 08/08/2019

    awesome product

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  • 22/07/2019

    Ainda não testei mas aparentemente está tudo ok.

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