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Recenzje tylko z Twojego kraju (Hungary)
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  • 13/10/2017

    The Product is good as advertised. I check some of items with my component tester and seems' to be ok! The transistors that I use works perfectly and I have no issues. So in conclusion I totally recommend the product and the seller, arrival of the package was in sort time (not the swiftest but its fast!) the overall quality it’s great!

    Pokaż oryginał
  • 07/02/2018

    The shipment arrived with a short delay, but everything is fine and in line with my order. Thank you very much.

    Pokaż oryginał
  • tayoob

    I received my order, thanks 😁

    Pokaż oryginał
  • 13/11/2018

    Elektronik devre elemanlarında ilerledikçe kullanabileceğiniz bir transistör seti

    Pokaż oryginał
  • 06/04/2017

    This is a very nice box with all kinds of transistors. The labeling on the top makes it very easy to find the transistor you need. If I run trough all of them, I'll have a very nice box (with resizeable compartiments) left.

    Pokaż oryginał
  • 25/02/2017

    I tried to build LED flasher. Pick one 2N2222. It was working, but in the circuit not. I pick another 2N2222 and worked perfect. First one was working as the transistor, but somehow missed spec. It is good for amplifying, but not for opening the gate.

    Pokaż oryginał
  • 15/05/2019

    I received my order, thanks

    Pokaż oryginał
  • 30/05/2017

    grand assortiment de transistors bien rangés dans une boite transparente à compartiment.

    Pokaż oryginał
  • 17/08/2018

    It has a nice and usefull box.

    Pokaż oryginał
  • 08/11/2017

    The product is good and the experience is ongoing

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