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Recenzje tylko z Twojego kraju (Hungary)
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  • 02/07/2021

    Se ve bien,a pesar de que la caja que lo contenía llega muy maltratada, aun no lo pruebo pero en cuanto lo pruebe, publicaré nota adicional, tardó mucho para ser de Bangood, ya qué pedí un día después un equipo similar pero en aliexpress y llego 10 días antes que este pero en fin, espero funcione y dure! Les comento por el embalado qué no fue bueno y que podría estropear los productos, en esta ocasión no pero ahí les encargo Bangood! Gracias!

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  • 16/01/2021

    Lepiej niż się spodziewaliśmy

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  • 29/09/2021

    Wygląda bardzo dobrze

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  • 14/04/2021

    good fast shipping

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  • 19/02/2021

    Szybka dostawa!

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  • 25/01/2021

    Plastikowa czapka ochronna wyszła zepsuta

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  • 27/06/2017

    I tested this device with a power supply that only delivers 7 volts and 6 A, that is 42 wats. Nevertheless the result was better than expected. In a room temperature of 30 degrees I get 2.5 degrees in 10 minutes. With a laser infrarred thermometer I read -1.5 degrees inside the cooled aluminium radiator. I am sure I can get temperatures below 0 at 30 degrees room temperature with 60 wats. I never seen such a powerful peltier cooler. I think the cooper pipes can eliminate heat at very high rate, maybe there is some fluid inside the cooper pipes that evaporates. I don't know how it works but with only 40-60 wats you can get below 0 temperatures. Condensation of water starts inmediatly after pwering up the device.

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  • 02/04/2017

    I got a small Sanyo wine cooler that no longer cool and no one seem to repair those (find leak and fill with1.5 oz coolant). I purchased this Peltier unit intending to see if it could work OK for that same purpose and not have to throw away my wine cooler Not very efficient but it effectively brought the inside of the fridge from 23 degrees to 15 degrees in around 3 hrs, while using a constant 77watts (Cooling unit + power supply ineficiencies. All in all this was a good buy, let's see if the peltier cooler last for a while or not in constant use

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  • 27/09/2018

    purchased for building a DIY cooling system for drinks, I cannot have a temperature below zero on the small heatsink probably because my 12 volt power supply doen't have enough current under the peltier cell load. I will try again with a more strong and powerfull supply unit as soon as I received it from Banggood. acquistato per la costruzione di un sistema di raffreddamento fai-da-te per bevande, non posso avere una temperatura inferiore a zero sul piccolo dissipatore, probabilmente perché il mio alimentatore da 12 volt non ha abbastanza corrente sotto il carico della cella peltier. Proverò di nuovo con un'unità di alimentazione più robusta e potente non appena l'avrò ricevuta da Banggood.

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  • 23/09/2020

    Produkt pokazany.. Otrzymałem Turcję w około 14 dni i zapłaciłem 25,49 TL podatku. Jest na nim jedna obednica. Przetestuję i podzielę się

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