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Cyclone3D 2017-09-28 15:47:30
So here is the deal I use the hell out of this board now on my new C190R1 racing drones from Cyclone3D. The board is great and the BF OSD and other features are just as awesome. There are two things I do not care for: 1. The antenna connection point to the board sits way too high and requires 10mm for clearance. That really hinders the goal of making the drone smaller 2. The antenna itself is so stiff that just mounting it to the frame has cased the wire to come disconnected. 3. The antenna connection requires RPSMA rather than SMA. Not sure why they did that but it is inconvenient at times 4. The button to change the VTX settings will break. Dont think it wont. I am disappointed that they did not do better about this. All in all,I love the board and since I own the shop I am prepared to fix the issues but for the end user that purchases this and does not have the necessary items to fix it, you might be upset if issues like the ones mentioned above happen to you.
Komentarze (3)
  • rdemrem Bonjourpetite question certains on eu des soucis en flashant cette carte, quel firmware as tu tuilisé? omnibus F4 ? autre? merci

    Odpowiadać 2017-11-03 16:38:33
  • rdemrem HelloI have been told that there are some issues if you flash this card in Betaflgiht 3.2? did you flash it with this 3.2 version firmaware?, and if yes which one did you choose in betaflight? thanks for your reply rgds

    Odpowiadać 2017-11-04 05:10:49
  • Cyclone3D I have just flashed another build tonight with BF 3.2 FW is OmnibuF4 3.2.1 and it seems to be stable. There were some issues at the beginning when 3.2 came out but with the 3.2.1 I am seeing it working fine.

    Odpowiadać 2017-11-06 01:42:18
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