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  • Steve
    2020-06-21 14:41:46

    This was my very first attempt at building an FPV drone. Being able to buy a kit with all of the parts (less the receiver) brought the intimidation factor of assembling a build much less intimidating than if I were to hand pick all of the parts. Now that I have learned how everything comes together, I am much more confident about doing my next build from scratch, and am already starting to brainstorm that project. Although the kit did not come with instructions, there are multiple build videos

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  • 2020-02-04 13:07:53

    Este es mi segundo TYRO 69 ..lo compré por lo bien que me fue el primero ( solo tuve problemas con un motor el cuál sustituí sin más problemas ).. Pero este no funciona nada bien ,lo monte con mucho cuidado y aún así y tras una comprobación con el tester ,un ESC del motor 3 comenzó a quemarse ...el TYRO tras este percance vuela pero vibra mucho .. En cuanto a la calidad de materiales , es muy justa y menos completa que en las primeras versiones del TYRO 69 ( faltaba el antideslizante de la

  • 2019-11-29 11:42:14

    пожалуй самая бюджетная зубочистка) летает прикольно, минут пять на 450-550 акумах. настройки дефолт, пропы лучше заменить. если укрыть чем то камеру былоб вообще все отлично

  • 2019-10-23 20:02:33

    Amazing value in a micro DIY kit. The kit goes together easily, the parts all seem to be of good quality, and the little quad performs very well. It is actually quite a bit faster on 2S 450mah Tattu batteries than I was expecting. All in all a very good micro for the money. I am very happy with it, and at this price point it is virtually impossible to beat.

  • Bigsexy
    2020-02-10 07:56:26

    Build was easy and fun with easy soldering and plug in connectors. I recommend for anyone newer to hobby. Thank you gor the better silicone motor wire it made the build better

  • Norbert
    2020-07-29 07:43:34

    Low price! It is very good for beginning this hobby how to build it! If all motors are OK! Recommend to you before build it MUST to use Glue-Gel into fix the motors! Because fix part is possible to move and brake cable! After glue not move it anymore! Look picture!

  • 2020-08-01 13:41:47

    Nice looking quad and fun to build. However I have now burned 2 ESCs. First time I thought it was bad soldering but second ESC has burned in same place so suspect bad motor. New motor and ESC board on its way. one more try.

  • 2020-05-28 23:30:04

    this little thing is awesome! great little drone. I would recommend adding a little glue to the camera lense, my first one came off but a little glue it glued right back on. it's pretty indestructible, iv ran it into trees tops, poles, tree stumps pretty much everything. I'd also recommend some different props the ones it come with work but at high speed you get vibration cause they are just so flimsy. but besides that you can beat a 70 dollor drone. I would buy again.

  • thefou
    2019-12-06 07:57:42

    je n'ai pas encore eu vraiment le temps de l'exploiter à fond, mais j'en suis déjà vraiment content. vivement que le bon temps revienne pour le faire voler.

  • PiMi
    2020-03-16 02:23:04

    Quelques améliorations sur le nouveau Tyro69 : roulements moteurs + gros et fils + fins, restent compatible avec les précédents . Caméra et vtx indépendants. Super toothpick.

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