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  • 31/03/2021

    Malutki, bardzo lekki, spróbuje więcej przejrzeć.

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  • 14/11/2017

    Full review at https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2933521. PROS + 48 Channels over 6 bands including race band + Good low light handling + Very lightweight for AIO VTX Camera + Whip Antenna which is more flexible and robust + Can powered directly from same flight battery with no motor noise interference + Comes with correct polarity power input Micro JST 1.25mm male connector + Split type, no more modification necessary CONS - No video mode switching, only NTSC - No flip/inverted camera view option - Quite hot during operation but works without any issue so far

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  • 11/10/2017

    I used this camera vtx combo on my F36. I an very happy with the performance of the camera. the resolution is pretty good also. I soldered the wires directly to the power on the controller of.the F36 and I have no issues. it has been banged around and bounced off concrete and still it transmits. I recommend this camera for a mullet style whoop build or any rc car truck or drone that needs some FPV action.

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  • 11/09/2017

    I am very happy with this lightweight & low profile All-In-One FPV Camera/VTX Combo from Banggood. At this price, I wish I had bought several! The Eachine TX01S was the perfect AIO for my E011. It is L lightweight and the low profile makes it a smart choice for Tiny Whoops. The 5.8G VTX covers 40 channels at a static 25mW. The 600TVL 1/3 CMOS camera is crisp and clear. I definitely like this product!

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  • 12/08/2017

    Realtime 5.8ghz fpv on a Eachine E011 ( tiny whoop) I did not mounted the lego figure but glued the camera part of the tx01s (Split) safely between the rings that protect the props. The video tx fits just realy snug under the controller board. Protected bij de long cable between camera and tx that i put in a loop in between to prevent shortages. The E011 Is realy powerfull but with a dosile yaw, so perfect to learn to fly fpv. I have planned to crash a lot while learning so the best place fot the fpv stuff is hidden between the craft. The TX01S is realy light and has a realy bright image. And seams like made for this setup. At first i tryed to fly fpv only, but the only thing I did was crash, crash and crash. Then I flew half fpv half line of sight to understand better wat I was Looking at and save the quad feom crashing. That works for me to learn and understand. After 2hours continous practising I can fly 100% fpv and only crash now and then. Sturdy little thing... Didnt broke a prop yet... Happy flyer here. As you can see its helping me pruning the garden. Adding the tx01s requires some soldering. This what I used: Tx01s https://goo.gl/rAqRL5 5 spare battery's incl charger https://goo.gl/x4N1oX E011 https://goo.gl/db1BRG With the 5 extra battery's i can fly continous. Pressing these links cost you nothing.

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  • 13/07/2017

    This camera is good for tiny whoop builds because you do not have to have the antenna sticking up on top of the camera like most micro camera-vtx combos that are soldered together. This give you more versatility on how to mount the camera. You can do a very low profile build with this set-up. Note the 600 tvl is not quite enough for much detail but good enough for general flying around. The 25mW vtx with the dipole antenna does not have the best range or penetration ability but again for indoors it works just fine.

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  • 11/06/2017

    Purchased this FPV camera at a small price. Needed something to modify a Envision Spy Drone camera bird for FPV flying. Camera is very small and light. Antenna board fit perfectly where the old DVR board was. Made a holder to attach camera to front of quad. Attached a monitor to top of controller. Camera has red and blue LEDS and a button to change frequencies, easily. Camera has good video and wide angle lens. Works as advertised. Good purchase. Only down side is the camera cuts off a minute and half of battery life. Next purchase are some higher capacity batteries, from 240 Mah and 300 Mah, to a 500 Mah battery.

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  • 31/01/2018

    Good camera / vtx combination to make a clean and flat tiny whoop with an Eachine E011. Range is ok but until now only tested indoors! Picture is a little darker than with my quanum elite camera but fpv-goggle settings can “fix” this issue for me. Good value for the money!

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  • 08/01/2018

    The camera was bought for a modified Eachine E011 quad. The camera perfectly fits between the front motor guards. and the transmitter is so small, that it can be glued on the flight controller. I am using this camera together with a OSD capable flight controler. I only had to solder the OSD between the video cable an the camera is ready for an OSD.

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  • 19/05/2017

    Very low price "Mullet mod" style FPV camera! It is just a little bit heavier than VM275 and has larger Tx board. Camera board is 2mm narrower. Field of view and video image seem just as the same.

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