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  • EdVIP3

    I got a Boscam TS832 for $50, this is the same thing made on the same factory line (I bet). Plug a camera and a battery and it works. I have two of the Boscam and when I saw this I ordered more even though I have more RXs than I need. I am setting up a permanent test bed to evaluate cameras and OSDs and will use this RX for that purpose. Great price! Highly recommend!!!! Thanks Banggood!!!

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  • 18/09/2016

    I was pleased to see between 400 and 650mW from this little unit. Depends a bit on the selected frequency The Modulator part is the RTC6705 (see picture), which is controlled by SPI by an on board micro also taking care of the LED band/channel stuff. The final stage is the RTC6659. Originally designed for QAM64 digital modulation at a level of +23dBm IE 200mW. In FM mode the output power can be increased indeed and around 600mW is possible. Cooling is via heat transferring gap-pad to the housing covering the front. When the transmitter is in the heat shrink sleeve it comes in, I think cooling is marginal. There seems to be an on board microphone untested) and there are exposed pads marked "audio in" at the rear of the PCB. All in all a nice product for FPV and also for Amateur Television use on the 6cm band (HAM use). Only thing I think is bad is the reverse SMA junk :) but that's personal as from a technical point of view it works fine.

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