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THXkid 17/10/2020
1st of all, the packaging and box came in perfect shape. All the contents in the box came in good order. The 3 batteries charged up fine, after use they charged back up fine. This helo is the exact same parts and size as the eachine E119, only difference the E129 has Height Hold. This version that I was sent came with the tough, stronger canopy. I did have to trim the setting, I like to get it very close by manually adjusting the 2 servo rods, so there is a lot less to trim on the controller digital buttons. While the Eachine E129 is very simple to fly, it does take more skills to fly the E119. Low/High Speed rates, 3 extra batteries, extra set of Blades, 2 turn buckles for head. All in All a really nice 4 channel helo to fly at the park on High rates and in smaller back yards on the low rates.
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