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Recenzje tylko z Twojego kraju (Poland)
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  • 10/04/2022

    Piękna mała maszyna. Jeszcze nie poleciała, ale po drobnych ulepszeniach malowania wygląda na gotową, by wznieść się w niebo, 😎

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  • 13/01/2022

    Ten samolot jest po prostu piękny. Lata łatwo w trybie dla początkujących, choć muszę powiedzieć, że ma swoje dziwactwa: nie kręci się tak szybko jak Trojan o podobnej wielkości i mocy, a także zwija się z prędkością, która nie jest problemem dla Trojan. Miałem go przechylić co najmniej raz przy niskiej prędkości, ale stabilizacja trybu początkującego automatycznie odzyskała samolot. Trochę trudniej wylądować na ulicy lub ziemi za pomocą podwozia niż Trojan. Z jakiegoś powodu stabilizacja nie jest tak chwytliwa jak Trojan, ale leci dobrze w małym wietrze, co jest bardzo ważne dla początkujących. Podobnie jak w Trojan lub dowolnym woltech Warbird Parkflyer, możesz użyć multimodułowego radia z protokołem v761 i opcji niskiej mocy. Dostawa była naprawdę dobra przez UPS z Chin.

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  • 13/05/2022

    The new flight controller is very different from the older one in the P51 and F4U, and makes this a more advanced plane to fly, with more room for growth. Most importantly, Advanced mode is no longer "immediately crash" mode. It's actually possible for mortals to fly. It even supports aerobatics, something not really possible with the older controller except for the pre-programmed. What makes this possible is that the autopilot is now still enabled in Advanced mode, unlike the P51 and F4U where it's turned off. Crucially, though, it ignores gravity. In Beginner and Intermediate mode the plane always rights itself, so it's not possible to fly inverted. In Advanced mode, with the BF109, it is! I'm so happy about this. I think this difference is what has caused others to complain about the "stuck aileron" problem with the new controller. This is not a real problem. It just means that the autopilot is active, but ineffective when the plane is in your hand. The P51 and F4U don't do this because the autopilot is off. It does mean that Advanced mode is more sensitive to the trim, which I haven't gotten right yet. My few attempts at inverted flight nose-dived even with full down elevator. Will keep working on it, and maybe change the balance. Don't get this as your first plane. DO get it as your second. It's magnificent. Photo is after adding yellow, and a gloss top coat.

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  • 31/01/2022

    A TOP Warbird!! Habe das Flugzeug auf G Modell umgebaut und lackiert Fliegt noch besser Siehe FOTOS

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  • 10/05/2022

    I received this months ago but only performed the maiden flight today. I was a bit worried as some people say the receiver has a bug, however it was all fine. The ailerons are fully deflected after binding, it looks like it won't fly, but as soon as it gets some forward momentum, the gyro kicks everything into place and the ailerons straighten out (you can run it along a table top with motor on, to see this happen, as I did). I will say that I held up-elevator when launching after the first time, because it pitched down upon launch. But as soon as it is flying, it seems to be trimmed just fine. The camouflage makes it difficult to see against scenery, and it's much quieter than the P51, so be careful not to lose sight of it. I did stall this one on the landing approach, obviously too slow - power off into a gusty wind. It spun off to one side but falling from one metre didn't do any damage. So it needs a bit more speed than the P51, and it also loses elevator authority without power on. But overall great - it really looks the part. I repositioned the undercarriage to the proper place as in the prototype. By the way these 400mm warbirds seem to fly forever - I made three very long flights with three different planes, really so long I thought the battery must be done, and when I checked the batteries afterwards, they were all still in the 65-67% range. Recommended definitely.

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  • 14/12/2021

    Great item fast shipping, perfect flying performance. I made a little Battle of Britain scheme painting for it looking better.

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  • 13/11/2021

    Świetna rzecz, szybka wysyłka. Dzięki, Banggood. Namalowałem trochę, żeby wyglądało lepiej!

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  • 05/01/2022

    Wreszcie samolot osiowy i miejmy nadzieję, że zero i fw190 będą następne. Polecam dodać trochę żółtego

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  • 07/05/2022

    Awesome plane, lots of fun and easy to fly. Great beginner plane and durable. love the prop safety feature. It comes with two 2 blade props and 1 three blade prop and charger. I also got the three battery option. Highly recommend as a first plane.

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  • 18/02/2022

    yet another eachine warbird. flies well, prop gets off too frequently on flight which is bit annoying. the landing gear snap on is much better than P51,47,F4u, T28 from eachine. fun plane to have thou

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