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  • June-20 2019 09:46:43

    Todo parece correcto.

  • March-30 2017 10:41:56

    Great product, works like a charm. One advice, the winding pairs are 1A-1B & 2A-2B, not 1A-2A & 1B-2B as i mistakenly thought.

  • November-25 2020 08:28:07

    recebido conforme.

  • April-05 2020 00:05:18

    E' arrivato un shield Arduino per step motor per stampante 3D completa. invece di questa

  • November-16 2017 15:16:34

    I have used it to test my 8825 module. Respect to the previous circuit on the breadbord this is more stable and more easy to use. You must use the cable Product ID: 1118480 to connect the motor. Would be better if there was a standard pinhead connector (2,54mm) for motor connections. Used with 8825 board, the red led conveniently indicate the normal operation, when off, the Fault status.

  • June-05 2017 04:43:17

    It's a simple but useful circuit to test both drivers and stepper motors . Having a good stepper and a good driver as a reference, and connecting the board to an Arduino (UNO or whatever) is a matter of seconds to see if the component under test is good or bad. PCB looks well finished and strong. Highly recommended.

  • February-06 2017 02:51:03

    Good product, makes it much easier to connect to the a4988 board, no soldering required and the capacitor is already part of it so no need to add anything =, also the microstepping switches are very usefull

  • October-02 2019 10:13:37

    Great expansion board, works great with DRV8825 and 0.9°NEMA17, powered by 24V PSU and controlled by Smoothieboard running Marlin 2.0

  • March-23 2019 00:15:10

    good and stable product.

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  • March-11 2019 03:07:10

    Perfect, works like a charm! I had to solder on the back the 3 black and the 3 red pins to use less cables on my MKS Sbase.


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