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PADMARAJENDRAPRASAD 2018-10-04 00:50:04
Hi, I was really excited to find an awesome rugged phone that was in my budget. Even though i paid around 11,500 rs (phone + shipping) charges for this phone when i bought it from banggood. In order to get this phone released from customs, i had to pay a ridiculous (42% stamp duty around 4800 rs). ok, i did that because i really liked the brand and the way it was showcased in all the reviews and sites. But i was disappointed right from the first boot. The phone was shipped with Android O (8.0.0 version) and there is some doogee custom ROM installed (bloatware) . It doesn't show you system update option at all. you go to settings -> system -> but no options to update the phone. And the security patch on this phone is on may 2018 and when i clicked on updating the security patch, it says no new updates. And now when i logged into my gmail account, i got a mail from google saying that i was signed in from a new device (which is fine, because gmail notifies you whenever you sign in from new devices) but to my surprise, it wasn't showing doogee s55. it was showing a totally different phone (Acer Liquid Jade) which totally made me loose trust in doogee. i mean i was logging into the phone for the very first time that it was delivered to me. Does it mean if my phone is hacked/cloned or some malware was pre-installed on this phone which was showing a totally different phone?
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  • Felipe da Costa Hi, Did they give you an answer about this fact you mentioned? Got any answers from somewhere else? curious, because I made the purchase of the device too. pleasure Coast

    Odpowiadać 2018-10-22 08:39:11
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