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  • November-19 2020 15:36:33

    Câmara endoscópica de boa qualidade a baixo custo. Todavia o facto da app Inskam associada não funcionar na versão 10 do Android devia ser evidenciado na descrição do produto.

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  • October-03 2020 15:24:39


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  • November-26 2020 07:08:01

    Looks good , have not tried it yet,good value

  • November-04 2020 23:11:18

    Nice Product.

  • November-03 2020 12:53:32

    Product as described. Nice tool for professional and diy

  • September-15 2020 07:49:10

    Very easy to install on Android with WiFi connection direct to the phone. The picture is a bit dark, even with the leds on full bright at more than 5 cm and the focus point is very near the camera. I'd like it more if it had a 10 cm field depth (focus) Overall, a very nicely made and handy little tool. The battery may be a bit small capacity, but a bigger battery will sacrifice lightness and size.

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  • September-10 2020 03:37:06

    It's very difficult criticizing anything this price, considering the technology involved, however reviews are here to help others make a decision. The delivery was good considering the distance it had to come. The instructions were clear and everything worked as stated. The only possible negative criticism would be, unfortunately, an important one concerning it's use, that is it is not a very good resolution camera. It is almost impossible to see small items....the very thing it is being used for!

  • September-07 2020 07:24:06

    Illumination is unfocused so in unlit spaces can only see a very short distance before there is insufficient light to see. Available illumination is too close to the lens to focus. Flex supporting the lens/light is very stiff and would not slide round a bend in a pipe. Generally only useable where it is not needed.

  • November-13 2020 11:41:13

    Bello! Bello e funzionale con istruzioni in inglese ma semplici e tradotte con il cervello. Il prodotto funziona benissimo e si riesce a farlo funzionare facilmente - scorrendo il manualetto di istruzioni - anche su iPhone che di solito è abbastanza "rognoso" con add-on che non siano Apple. E' un prodotto cinese che non sembra proprio cinese.

  • October-20 2020 10:14:31

    Terrific little item. Not being particularly "smart phone" savvy, I use it with my shop PC/Windows for looking down spark plug or injector holes to examine cylinders. Also great for looking behind the dash where mirrors or other viewing assist devices just won't go. I can imagine all kinds of uses. I've had it for only a couple of days and am very impressed given the cost it is almost disposable so certainly won't worry about damaging it by trying multiple applications........bear


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