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Recenzje tylko z Twojego kraju (Poland)
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  • 16/02/2024

    The watch is very good, it has a nice low-key appearance [black colour], is comfortable and functional. The silicon band has many adjustment holes and does not pull against wrist hairs. The screen is clear and bright. The H Band App is also very good. The watch logs your: sport [all of the steps you take in my case] per half hour, heart rate at 10 minute intervals, your blood pressure at 10 minute intervals, blood oxygen every 30 minutes, body temperature and skin temperature every ten minutes and your blood glucose levels every 10 minutes. It also monitors your sleep quality, although it does not always get the time that I fall asleep correct, though that may be related to my sleep apnoea. All of these records are available via the app, logged per day, week, month etc. You can also take instant measurements on the watch should you need to. I have not verified the accuracy of the measurements, and I treat the watch more as a trend indicator, than a provider of absolutely accurate values, as it is not a certified medical device. You can improve the accuracy of the measurements by calibrating the blood pressure and blood glucose readings against certified medical equipment. The watch also does a lot of other "smart watch" things, such as being able to make and receive phone calls when in range of your phone, store a dozen or so contacts, play music, it has a calculator and a couple of games. This health band represents amazing value for money. I have purchased another BW-HL5 on behalf of a friend and am sending the details to another friend that wants one. Oh, and it displays the date and time as well. Highly recommended.

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  • 17/01/2024

    wszystko działa,

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