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Zdenek 21/01/2021
Pairing is non-problematic, keypress on buttons BW-HA1 front side neeeds a small pause in-between presses, from start a bit tricky to poweroff. Do not use too much force on keypress, there are a simple microswitches, so no need for. LED is almost invisible on daylight, which is a big + for me. Chasis is something between hard wood and plastic (bamboo), thus robust and heavy (1420gr). No fake resonance at all. Sound quality is not bad, a bit better trough analog jack, than over BT. Both input strength controlled on phone and builtin amplification on speaker are working. For electronic or classical music, it is OK. For a high dynamic rock or metal you will be probably dissapointed. There is just basic one channel SBC, so could not be better. There are front and back sub-bass drivers, so sound changes lot depending on material and distance behind and below speaker. I'm using just for low and mid volume, I suppose it is not designed for big or open area. Make no sense to compare with real stereo headphones, sorry. Sound indication of pairing or change mode (AUX, BT) are decent in loudness, from my point of view. Big + BT works good, pairing is simple (just 1 device in same time), paired as handsfree, sending battery status trough BT to phone. Can be played and charged simultanelously. Stereou cable 2x3,5 mm jack is not inside box, just USB cable for charging is in the box.
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