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nikotttin 2020-04-03 04:18:48
I'm happily surprised! I wanted a closed In-ear headset to go running and this is exactly what I needed! sound is good, a bit bassy, but a nice pleasant V shape profile. Highs were a bit sibilant and harsh at first... But after 20-30 hours, they seem to have recess a bit. I tried it under the shower (why not?!?) and it works as expected. I also found the mic good (!!!) in quiet environments. Usually cheap headsets have poor mics. I still need to try it while exercising, but don't expect too much. They hold well in the ear and have a decent passive isolation. The earplugs are poor quality. I changed these with some from my RHA headsets. All-in-all, I'm happy and impressed! There are a few little things that need to be corrected, but these are really minor: The call out sounds are too loud (power on, power off, etc.) No HD audio :( Harsh highs and muddied bass initially. It opens up over time to a pleasant sound though! The buttons, especially the center one, is not easy to find without looking.
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