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  • August-07 2020 22:05:53

    El carrito es muy bueno, la velocidad es adecuada, incluso siendo adulto resulta un carro veloz. El control cuenta con dos modalidades, alta y baja velocidad, incluso en baja el carro ya es bastante veloz; también trae un seguro para fijar el acelerador o l reversa. Es muy ligero, aunque la maquinaria se ve resistente, la carcasa que le da el color es muy frágil, es un plástico muy delgado. Sin embargo, es el único defecto que le veo. Cumple con lo que promete, puede funcionar en interior y en

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  • August-05 2020 14:35:41

    Finally an R/C that my wife will let me drive in the house!... It's a pretty nice car considering the price. It has a 2 speed selector on the controller and is very fast for its size!! Very pleased with this product and cant wait to make some cardboard ramps to bash around the house with this one... Recommended. Lots of fun.

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  • January-16 2020 03:06:15

    Awesome little car. I also did the hack for making the throtle a bit less sensitive (adding a 4.7k ohm resistor in parallel to the pot). Additionally I designed a 3d printed "CyberTruck" shell for it

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  • May-29 2020 02:58:41

    Nice little devil :))) Bought 3 pieces for indoor play but they are too fast for a 4 meters long and 2 m wide hallway. So I took it outside and it was marvellous chasing pigeons on the ground :))) The proportional throttle is awesome for its scale and has some pretty good foam tires. Didn't time the total runtime but I think they run more than 11 min. And they charge quick, you can use a external battery. Anyway one of the transmitter has no low and high button (for speed) but considering they came

  • May-12 2020 22:12:12

    This car is well worth the price. I am more than happy to recommend it. Long runtime, reasonably brisk charge times. VERY STURDY and opperates well all things considered. Perfect for racing the family cat or jumping placemats and doing coffee mug slalom in the kitchen. I wil likely be purchasing more to have some racing action check out a video review on this item here: https://youtu.be/7k1Xxopv1H8

  • February-08 2020 18:25:20

    Amazing car and great price! The power comes from a 3.7V capacitor, which I think is is a brilliant idea. Lots of power and runtime and speedy charging. The USB cable has a red light that turns off once the capacitor is fully charged. I had some difficulty with the foam tyres that aren’t getting enough grip on flat or smooth surfaces. There’s so much power from the motor that the wheels just keep spinning and drifting. If it’s not too much drift it gives a nice effect but the car can easily

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  • January-27 2020 14:25:19

    worth the wait for this great little rc. make sure you buy more than one. compete with your friends and family. this little rc is super quick. charge light comes on when charging is complete. turn on the car before turning on controller. if the wheels are spinning turn the trim dial on the hand controller to the right of the steering knob. this car is perfect for an indoor wood floor track. when I drive it on the carpet it goes so fast it flips upside down. I race it on a hardwood floor. thank you

  • August-31 2020 21:32:32

    everything I expected from the reviews and as its described! and interesting enough i had just purchased the exact same car (aside from body style and brand name) from my local walmart. I had already been impressed by the prior purchase that when I received this one today, which by the way arrival was exactly when it was said to be, that I couldnt help but be ecstatic. Thanks Bang, Good first purchase! I'll Bang again, real Good, real soon! Good Bang and BangGood!

  • December-18 2019 03:04:12

    These are fantastic little toys. One of he best Mini RC cars I've used. Very fast for their size with a good run time. Fairly good build quality. On smooth surfaces they can be difficult to control but with a little throttle control practice can be great fun. Work best on carpet or concrete. You will need plenty of space to make the most of there high speed .

  • October-21 2020 21:36:02

    This RC is similar in size to TAMIYA's Mini 4WD, so you can put the body of the Mini 4WD on it with a simple modification. simple modification. You can easily install Insta360 GO.


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