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Recenzje tylko z Twojego kraju (Poland)
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  • 24/02/2021

    Bardzo zadowolony vs. reklama To niesamowite, światło jest takie potężne Kupiłeś je w Wietnamie? Jeśli go nie kupisz, nie wahaj się. 0981193666

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  • 05/11/2021

    Dziękuję, 👍🏻🔦💪🏻

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  • 16/10/2021

    Świetna latarka, dzięki Banggood za markę Astrolux.

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  • 13/06/2018

    With a inner diameter 124 mm makes it a very good distance thrower to get just above 1Mcd throw. You can mount the light to a tripod or light stand to allow hands free operation. Silicon button bigger in size, feels more comfortable to press when compare to the MF02. Do use same 2S2P 8.4V configuration as MF02. The weight is just above 1.4kg with batteries included. Using SONY US18650VTC6 3000mAh 3.7V 18650s the power drops to around 63% in 8 minutes time and stayed plateau for another 110mins or so before shutting down itself. Total runtime in TUBRO mode was about 2 hours.

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  • 13/03/2019

    Well packaged, excellent build quality, highly refelective lens, pulsating button, simple UI, very tight beam with excellent throw and lastly, the low mode is actually usable on close-up objects :-)

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  • 21/06/2018

    This flashlight is so big, i've Convoy L6, Astrolux MF01 and MF02, MF04 is bigger and building respect in the eyes of the user. Very good quality, only one flaw on the headlamp, the minimum one that probably will not matter at all in the light beam. Field test - tonight :)

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  • VIP1

    Not too weight, enough throwing for everyone. I love it so much. Packing very carefully too.

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  • 06/09/2018

    This light is a Beast of a light farthest throwing light out there can't go wrong use the coupon code

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  • 27/12/2018

    Etwas schlechter als die Lumintop GT. Reflektor hat mehrere kleine,winzige Pits und ist ein wenig rauher als der von der GT. Gehäuse ist gut verarbeitet. Die Lichtleistung ist etwas höher als die der GT, dafür hat die Lampe einen größeren Spot. Reichweiten sind gleich.("gemessen") Die GT hat ein komplexeres UI und kann gedimmt werden.

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  • 25/02/2019

    Como la linterna llego en Rumania y las baterías en España por que yo pedí eso hasta el junio no puedo comprobar sus funcionamiento. Que puedo decir es que llegaron bien y tardaron casi casi un mes.

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