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  • 28/09/2017

    This Minicube Flytower is awesome!!! It could not be any easier to build a race quad. I was able to build and fly it within 2 hours. For those who do not know, this is the same electronics in my Eachine Lizard 95. The first thing I did is upgrade the betaflight firmware to 3.2 so I can utilize the anti_gravity and dynamic_filters. If you cannot get your FC to DFU, just make sure you have the correct drivers. Just because you can open your FC on Betaflight does not mean you have the correct drivers. The install went pretty smooth except for one thing. They do not include a cable to hook up your VTX and Camera. So, I end up taking the short cable that plugged in to the USB adapter and cutting it so I can splice in the wires from the VTX and Camera. There are no real soldering point on the FC for these connections so you have to use the connector that on the FC power up the VTX and to utilize the OSD. Regardless if you plan to use the built in OSD or not you still need power from the connector for your VTX. Be sure to do a search on Banggood's site to look for the user manual for each of the items on this stack, so you know the wiring order or binding instructions. For example, I bought the DSMX receiver version so I needed to know how to bind it to my radio. You need to know the command in Betaflight CLI to enable the bind mode for the RX. In the end I was able to fit this Mini Flytower in my Éclair 2.5" frame with only a slight modification to the buzzer (I had to remove it and use a different one because it was in the way).

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  • 02/03/2018

    I bought a few of them as they come presoldered and were on sale. They are from lizard95. The only downside is that the whole quadcopter vibrates like a washing machine on a spin cycle. I have to add anti vibration pads I bought from Banggood. I had to use thicker props 2030 cut to size as one quad keeps breaking props (blue). All in all a good minicube if you can fix the vibration issue.

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  • 25/03/2018

    Fried my Aurora 100 receiver board trying to fix the beeper that pulled the solder pad loose from the circuit board in a crash. Bought this because I was not sure what all needed to be replaced and this was everything I would need plus I could use this for my lizard if it didn't work with the Aurora. I ended up using the original PDB/ESC that came with the Aurora and it all works very well together. I have my Aurora back up and flying. All I had to do was tweak the OSD and change the quad "NAME" and it was up and flying. Thank you BG.

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  • 23/11/2018

    4th time i buy this item to build fast micro copters....excellent time of shipment with free shipment it came in 13 days like i had priority direct mail i used to use but now its the same so no need...thumbs up for the service too

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  • 01/01/2018

    great replacement. An esc burnt on my lizard 95 for some reason and I had one of these as a backup thankfully so I just swapped out the old stack and was ready to fly in short order. The new stack had betaflight 3.2 already so that was nice. I needed to change the pids and setting and then it was up and running. I didn't try the pids that came installed but they were quite different than the ones that came on my lizard 95. I'm not sure if there was some reason to do with 3.2 or if they just some kind of default. anyway I'm happy with my pids.

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  • 13/10/2017

    Очень достойный полётник три в одном! Есть всё и очень компактно! С осд никаких как раньше заморочек нет! Бузер в самую тему!

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  • 12/10/2017

    Excellent Product...!!!, mounted on my Fire100 frame, perfect fly very satisfied with this purchase... / Excelente producto, montado en mi frame Fire100 vuela perfectamente, estoy muy satisfecho con la compra.

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  • 20/09/2017

    diy bulid 1104 6500 motors elf frame 25mm stand offs. vtx03 and a tiny 600tvl camera. gemfan 2035. Nano technology 2s 300mah.... great build. Great. highly recommended this tower I'm 50 batteries in and have had no issues. I have upgrading to betaflight 3.2 with all the best fruit enabled. New bsheli firmware and dshot600.

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  • 25/02/2018

    This is the brain from the original lizard 95 as the evidence is in the usb adaptor that you need to plug this thing into your pc. This plug is its only downfall, as you need the provided cable or adaptor which is not a deal breaker. Board also comes with jst in case you run 2s or have those battery types. Running well on beta flight.

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  • Hankman

    Used it in a home build and works well. I especially like the fact it's already soldered and ready to just drop in and go! make sure to apply some hot glue on the antenna connection so it doesn't pop off mid-flight. It's using M2 nylon standoffs, so if you want to take it apart you can, but you will need assorted M2 bolts/standoffs/spacers for it to be rebuilt.

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