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  • November-18 2020 19:33:57

    These are the first keycaps I have bought since joining the keyboard hobby. Trying out most of the profiles, and I had to buy these when they were on sale. I am thoroughly enjoying the color scheme, the extra legend keys that come included, and the quality of the font/ legends themselves. To be honest, the pictures do no do the color justice as these caps are vibrant and warm which I personally did not get the impression of from the photos. The PBT is very well textured although I can only compare

  • November-23 2020 22:54:47

    I LOVE these keycaps. I've wanted them for so long and now I finally have them in my possession. They appear high quality, from my test with a torch there is a fair bit of light bleed through the caps (not a big deal to me as the main focus of my build id case underglow and not backlighting), and the spacebar is very minimally warped, but overall I am very happy with them. The novelties look great too - better than the cherry profile keycaps. Can't wait to use on my own keyboard when everything

  • November-20 2020 14:25:36

    Très bonne qualité, le toucher est vraiment cool. Les touches sont vraiment belles, je recommande vraiment !

  • October-15 2020 01:32:39

    Awesome product! I feel like it’s a match made in heaven with the Wooden Case Version Geek Customized GK61

  • August-20 2020 15:34:13

    very nice 👍

  • April-28 2020 13:36:26

    These are some reasonably priced keycaps. The quality of the PBT is really nice and feels smooth to the touch. There is some inconsistencies of the keycaps in terms of smoothness but it doesn't bother me. In my order, there is no spacebar warping so it's nice to see. There is one thing that does bother me and that is that some keycaps are misaligned when placing it onto my Anne Pro 2. I can't tell if this is due to stem wobble from my switch or if this is due to the stem on the keycap. Also, the color

  • October-16 2020 13:07:36

    Keycaps: They look and feel great, the keycaps have a slightly noticeable texture to them which feels nice. the colours are very crisp and detailed, more so than I first thought of the photos. The box was a bit dented since It places, just plastic wrapped and sent off to me instead of being boxed. but that didn't affect the keycaps itself so it wasn't a huge deal. Extra: I was very sceptical on using BangGood because of the reputation of such webshops. I hated AliExpress and won't ever buy from

  • May-24 2020 14:56:15

    Took a little while to ship out, but that simply meant it was a pleasant surprise when they arrived so quickly from receiving the dispatch email! Super nice keycap set by AKKO with a beautiful design that feels to a very high quality. It's my first keycap set of the DSA profile, but I'm in love! Not only do the DSA keys produce a clean and uniform aesthetic, but they're a pleasure to type on in my opinion - your fingers fit fantastically onto the keys. The extra novelty keys that come with the DSA

  • August-22 2020 18:36:17

    Recommended by San. Pbt feels nice. Font looks amazing compared to cherry. Happy with extra novelties with the dsa version. 10/10 looks great with kemove snowfox or anne pro 2 white.

  • October-16 2020 07:37:41

    Quasi 2 mesi di attesa (1 mese fermo ai controlli in dogana) , pacco arrivato leggermente danneggiato. Tuttavia non mi lamento.


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