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  • 07/10/2016

    Eine große Auswahl an BCxxx-Transistoren hatte ich schon vorliegen, nur die amerikanischen und asiatischen Serien Cxxx und 2Nyyy hatte ich noch nicht. Dieses sehr große Set kam da genau passend. Einzelne Modelle habe ich mit dem Transistortester ausgemessen und die Ergebnisse passen zum Datenblatt. Die Box läßt sich gut beschriften, wenn man sie mit klarem Klebeband versieht.

    Pokaż oryginał
  • 26/10/2016

    In my there was a bit of confusion, surely due to the transport, but though they were not all in the box 40 compartment in some 36 others were 44 to 26, watched one by one and counted at the end were missing 10. Anyway I think the same satisfied given the excellent price paid. Shipping outside the fixed times, but I know that postal transport has shortcomings in Italy ..

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  • 27/03/2016

    Great selection of transistors, at this price worth getting it as a boxed set. Handy to get started with and then top us as needed later. Some had got mixed up in compartments during packing and shipping, no big problem at this price, just had to sort them out. There is also no label like shown on the picture so labelled the compartments for ease of use.

    Pokaż oryginał
  • 25/07/2016

    I highly recommend that box full of classic transistors to all technician and electronic hobbyist. Several NPN transistor with their PNP equivalents, all of good quality and sorted . This box is a very good price/quality ratio. Don't hesitate to buy it.

    Pokaż oryginał
  • 16/07/2016

    The widest range of the market, at the lowest cost. The best choice! Recommended for technicians and hobbyists in electronics

    Pokaż oryginał
  • 04/02/2017

    very good

    Pokaż oryginał
  • 14/10/2016

    Паять - не перепаять. Брал в ЗИП для наборов. Иногда транзюки нерабочие кладут.

    Pokaż oryginał
  • 30/09/2016

    Tested many of the transistors and they work great. The price was also very good and so was the shipping.

    Pokaż oryginał
  • 01/08/2016

    A very nice selection of common and not so common NPN and PNP BJT transistors packed in a nice little box. Recommended!

    Pokaż oryginał
  • gusVIP5

    Item received on time and as specified in description. Seems like good quality.

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