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  • 13/08/2013

    Bought the 3 meter lengths when they were available, but these 5 m lengths are the same product and will allow to do long contours with a single piece of strip. See pictures I uploaded a bit earlier - applied the Orange to the inside of a Hyundai Veloster with Vitamin C (burnt orange) exterior color. It looks AMAZING !! People can't believe it is just a few dollars of decoration trim applied in a few minutes ... I can't wait to see what the dealership will say. You should clean the surfaces to receive these strips so there is no dust or oils (like that found on your skin). Otherwise you may have problems keeping strip stuck to surface. Use a hair dryer on high heat and carefully warm the material as you apply it. This will allow the material to bend much easier as well as soften the glue on back. The material will go around curves, but hold firmly in place as you go around surface. Also, when heated, the material will tend to stretch easily. So don't pull too much as you apply the strip to the surface. Use narrow wooden stick to apply pressure on strip without marking the strip. The heated strip will mark easily otherwise, being soft from heat. Think before you start cutting and applying ! Don't use too much, it is for accent. The strip were applied about a week ago and they are holding on just fine so far ... At the low cost from BangGood, no need to fear if you have to redo a section. Just heat, peal and redo with a new piece of strip as the old will not stick very well once unglued. Best upgrade done to our Veloster 2013 so far ! And it is the lowest cost upgrade ! I will order a few lengths to keep in a dark cool place. BG might not have the item forever and we might redo a few sections to get a more professional look : around the door accents and air vents we should of wrapped the strip to the inside instead of cutting as shown in photos. Kind of rushed through one straight line passenger side, last piece done felt too confident. It turned out with a bit of a wave (I see it, I don't like it, I'll redo it ... only a dollar or two worth of material).

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