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  • August-13 2018 02:48:24

    i bought 3 and so far i tested one with positive results. tricky to get it going but all good. good quality

  • April-02 2018 14:05:12

    Gewoon een fantastisch product voor hele lage prijs! Je moet wel enkele weken geduld hebben .

  • April-26 2018 03:05:56

    Works perfect with an Arduino Uno. Easy way to make a MMI for small projects.

  • July-17 2020 15:04:29

    Fine quality and clearly worth the money

  • July-16 2020 12:12:49


  • June-22 2020 08:43:35

    Thank's for fast delivering to Germany.

  • December-31 2019 19:12:19

    buena calidad y funcionamiento correcto

  • June-22 2018 11:05:47

    Juste un petit souci de broches un peu tordues mais vite remisent en place. Attention, j'avais un écran LCD 16x2 "simple" et pour les croquis ce n'est pas pareil : Pour utiliser l'écran simple : LiquidCrystal lcd(12, 11, 5, 4, 3, 2); Pour l'écran avec boutons : LiquidCrystal lcd(8, 9, 4, 5, 6, 7); Une fois les bonnes valeurs misent, ils fonctionnent très bien.

  • March-12 2018 22:30:22

    I'm in a robotics class in my High School where we all use Arduino Uno's and create programs. We had to order a part for the class so that we could improve our ability to do different things. I chose the 16x2 LCD display because I was already working on a "Drag Strip Light"-esque project and I could use the 16x2 display to display the timers when the objects crossed the finish line. My only problem was when I went to test it out with one of Arduino's "LiquidCrystal" examples only to find out they

  • November-14 2016 13:34:20

    This model seems to have a hardware problem that may fry something: "In those backlight circuit designs, the problem is that the Arduino pin is shorting to ground through the transistor when the pin is high. Yes the backlight is on and it appears to be working but it is massively overloading the Arduino pin which may eventually cause problems and perhaps even burn out the pin." There is a discussion about it here http://tinyurl.com/p4l26y3 or you can google "Warning to users of some vendors LCD

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