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Recenzje tylko z Twojego kraju (Poland)
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  • 01/01/2022

    I received the product as advertised. I placed a Sharpie marker next to the charger for a size comparison. The instructions were easy for me to understand. Athough, if this is the first time that one has made the decision to create a project using product, I suggest doing a little research. This due to there being electricity involved. A skill level of, 'watching YouTube videos, to a degree in electrical engineering from MIT', is required. This is not to be used with a wind turbine due to there being a requirement for some type of 'dump load'. There other products available on Bangood. That is one of my future projects. I have not connected this controller to a battery or a solar panel. I do not currently have a solar panel, but I do have a battery. My ultimate goal with this controller is to produce enough energy to allow me to charge my electronic devices. I will create a follow-up video, in the near future, once this project is complete. A word of caution: I am also trying to get my daughter young daughter involved with this. That translates into a human resources nightmare. lol.

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  • 06/10/2021

    Wspaniała, jak zawsze! Regulator ładowania słonecznego bardzo ciekawy i zgodny z opisem.

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  • 18/11/2021

    Bardzo dobry produkt statek jest ok dzięki

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  • 16/07/2021

    Bardzo dobrze. Polecam. Użyłem go do mojego projektu przenośnej elektrowni.

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  • 18/10/2021

    Bardzo szybka wysyłka świetna obsługa dobry produkt

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  • 16/05/2022

    very nice

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  • 28/03/2022

    Teraz mam, muszę spróbować

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  • 11/05/2021

    ειναι ακριβως οπως περιγραφεται κανει ακριβως την δουλεια που λεει και ηρθαν παρα πολυ γρηγορα και με κουριερ σας ευχαριστω και σιγουρα θα αγορασω παλι απο εσας το συνιστω το προϊον ιδιαιτερα για την μεγαλυτερη οθονη σε σχεση απο τα αλλα στην ιδια κατηγορια

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  • 09/04/2021

    Ηρθε παρα πολυ γρηγορα σε 8 ημερες σουπερ!!! ειναι ακριβως οπως στην φωτογραφιες και λειτουργει οπως τις περιγραφες στα συν ειναι οτι εχει αρκετα μεγαλυτερη οθονη απο κατι αλλα στην ιδια κατηγορια.

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  • 03/02/2022

    is unbelievable, with 2 ports usb,for use and in addition 2 ports for charging panel input or the use of 12 volts whatever you want and all the design of the pulp is good thank you

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