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Recenzje tylko z Twojego kraju (Hungary)
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  • 18/08/2021


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  • 15/09/2016

    LED power in relation to size keeps increasing - and these are intensely bright for their size - are well constructed and attractive. I knew prior to ordering I'd locate them elsewhere beside mirror base - and indeed they mounted flawlessly under the riser bolt heads under the top tree. Pics are posted.

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  • 16/05/2019

    Was a bit under confident buying these. My Varadero XLV (125cc) main light is total crap so I won't see anything at night... And it does not really make me visible at daytime as more recent motorcycle. I tried these, they look cool, nothing fancy (no heavy aluminium plate), but do add something to the motorcycle. And they are throwing a BUNCH of light ahead ! I have not tried driving at night, but just on the parking lot. The light I compare to is actually not the main light but the medium one. But the difference is clear... The main light does not in any way achieve something similar.

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  • 28/11/2018

    Ürün ucuz fakat kaliteli. Mafsalı ile istenilen konum sabitlenebiliyor. Işığı güçlü. RC model teknemde projektör ışığı olarak kullanacağım. Satıcıyı ve ürünü tavsiye ederim.

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  • 23/08/2017

    Installed it on a LARGE SCALE FPV ELECTRIC CAR... it rocks... fantastic stuff. Check the installation process on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTy8Ue7XQlk&t=6s

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  • 19/11/2016

    I ordered a set of these and installed them at the base of my handlebar riser bolts, so very close fit on either side of headlight. They looked and performed so well - I ordered two more sets!

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  • 30/09/2016

    Hello,my shoppingmall,,,, I bought a pair of those,,it was the first i bought from Bangood,,so i dont know quality,,many places are not so good as this,,I was really positively surprised over the easy monting i mont on wire for p.light,and the easy fitment,,designed too fit at your mirror,,,easy as hell,no drilling or ugly brackets,,and i must say the aprovment on visibility,in dark,,and on daytime i use em with my drivi ng light i notice now that cars from sideways stop they,,, see me ,,,before i have had a couple of situasions when cars have drive out so i have too brake hard,and throw the bike out in the wrong lane too avoid crashes,,,, Thank you Bang good this work as they should,,,even better :)

    Pokaż oryginał
  • 19/09/2016

    I have installed these lights on the front of my scooter to add extra light for night riding. They are easy to mount onto the mirror posts and easy to wire. I have wired directly to my high beams so I only use at night time and it really makes a big difference compared to the normal filament bulb. This has been another great bargain idea form Banggood.

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  • 04/04/2017

    Размером с небольшую картофелину, но светят фары замечательно ярко. Экономичные, аккумулятор мотика не сильно разрядится. Но прикрутить их запросто получится не на всякий мотоагрегат: на мой питстер встали после доработки стальных держалок. Пришлось выгибать буквой зю, иначе смотрели либо в небо, либо назад. Смотрится очень неплохо.

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  • 14/05/2018

    Szybko i sprawnie lampy dotarły. Wszystko zgodne z opisem. Solidne wykonanie. Świecą punktowo.

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