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Recenzje tylko z Twojego kraju (Poland)
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  • 01/09/2016

    The product is very good. He met my expectations . I recommend .

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  • 25/09/2015

    I wanted to use lead-free solder to build a DIY kit from Banggood but did not want to destroy my expensive Hakko iron. I purchased this one as it seems like a decent value. After completing the DIY project using this iron, I was impressed. The tip did not oxidize and solder melted nicely. Had a few issues achieving proper solder joints but this is more the fault of the solder itself than the iron. I cleaned the tip and then completed a second project using leaded solder. The tip held up well for both projects. I have a few more DIY kits to build and I plan to use this iron until I finish or it breaks. If it lasts all the way to the end, it will be well worth the price. Will come back and leave an update here. The only problem I have is that the temperature dial does not seem to show accurate temperature. At its lowest setting (200 degrees C), it was able to melt the lead-free solder quite easily. I was afraid to turn the temperature higher. Used a value between 200 and 250 for the lead-free soldering job, and left it at 200 for the other one. I would guess that the temperature is around 30 degrees hotter than shown on the dial. This is the only reason I took away a star from Quality. I am otherwise quite pleased so far with this soldering iron.

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