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arugina 21/10/2021
The unit is bigger than I was expecting, you really realize this when you are holding it in hand. Construction is good, good quality plastic and fits well in hand. Manual says it uses a lithium 26650, but you can-t just simply acces the battery, you have to take apart the uni-t, I don't see any screws to take it apart, probabily these are hiden. As far as resolution goes it is decent, don't expect SF quality image, the device is usable, as I experimented best suits where you can look at the "subject" from a distance of 40cm to about 4 metres, although bigger objects, for example a human can be seen from further away, like 30 metres. If you really try you can "detect" a moving object (a cow) from quite far away, like 200 metres, ofcourse you will not see a cow, but a point in the distance wich has a different temperature as the surrounding. Best fits for HVAC and bigger electrical works in my opinion.
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